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  November - December  2018


Work in Progress


I have added my paintings of Kimmeridge Bay Dorset, the Seven Sisters, East Sussex and the Llanberis Pass, North Wales to the Gallery.


 I'm currently working on a series of smaller (A4) paintings based on the Upper Gade Valley in Hertfordshire. This valley cuts through the Chiltern Hills, from the Dagnall Gap to Hemel Hempstead where it joins the river Bulbourne and becomes incorporated into the Grand Union Canal. This valley is a typical Chiltern  through valley, often dry in its upper reaches and fed by springs where it cuts through the water table in its lower reaches.




Under the Tree, The Upstairs Gallery

Wednesday 21 Nov -  Saturday 5 Jan 2019

Above the Post office

268 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 1AQ


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